28 and 29.06.2011,Greece on the edge of bankruptcy, parliament voted this week a package of spending cuts,tax increases and privatisations agreed as part of a massive bail-out aimed at averting the euro zone's first default.Thousands rallied in Syntagma square near the parliament,hundreds of hooded youths threw stones and bottles at police who responded with tear gas as the initially peaceful mood turned violent.
On Friday 1.07.2011,La Cutaracha,a great music band from Athens/Salonica gave a fantastic,superior gig in Gkazi,near the underground station.Funk,Balkan,Rock and Folk music were the rhythms that transformed the nostalgic roof terrace of the band into one nice dance floor.Maestros had a direct live stream of the concert from their popular blog.Many musicians and friends were there,took action and jammed all together.At the end of the night,most of La Cutaracha members (Vania/trumpet,Nikos/klarinet,Oui Zevelek/bass,Fotini/harmonica) played a nine-minutes length song/jamming based on a rhythm style of Roots/Reggae featuring Natalia/backvoc from Blame the trees and Akis/vocals from H.π.S.Spoken words and thoughts about love,peace,chaos reighs on streets of Athens those two last days,government's economic measures e.t.c.
Those guys from the team of Maestros are so fucking lunatics!
Love you all boys and girls,keep dreaming and creating!See you on streets and squares
Once again.........................


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