What a great night,yesterday......
Crowded square,beers,vegan recipes,wine,rakies and full of energy.
First came the police.We need some extra blue color in our lives,don't you think?
Children,children,children...........we already missed you.You are the best!Keep rocking and riding!!!
Manager Miltos was there and checked the place,as always.
Oui Zevelek was the stuff engineer,thanks man,we were sure that our sound would be perfect.
Arben took all the pictures and photos.There is always a place for your poems in the band.Don't forget it.
Curious_Ape 009 had seconds thoughts about the Hot Potatoes and he is up to draw our artwork.Need beers!
H.π.S featured Argiris (from Merrie Melodies) on two cover songs and the stage got on fire,one more  time..
Thanks boys/girls from the  assembly of Plita,support us a lot during the concert.We must help each other...

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