Back again and run for the demo stuff......
Manager visited Johnny on the island and discussed about the last preparations!
On September,Chuck Norris will protect David on army duties!Akis wrote lyrics,after jamming with the Zoulou percussionists/cannibals/campers on vacations.Xristodoulos arranged the Greek summer tour 2012 of the band,sailing and fishing........Curious Ape is ready to reveal us the covers of the album and George is willing to direct our first video clip of the song "Behind the armor of fault".Hi Argiris,we know you read our news,keep going!One day,HπS will be there for concerts and beers.Stay tuned girls and boys......


  1. Cannot wait 2. 2 waits? Tom waits? Both ways

  2. Yup, I see you.. I see everything. Keep it up!
    We will meet in December.