Makeshift Triggers-Hot Potato Syndrome

Keep (the) borders inside, 
(a) state full of vice, they took our lives, prison
Then came the shot, 
what was the price, Guinea pigs we are, order

Not join to the war, 
no follow the norm, we have a paranormal insight
Hey Liar,
confess, regret, match a name to the face
Feeling happy, giving all in the end
Nice time wish you have.........

Lyrics from Come War Ghost demo album 2011.Inspired by the book "Regards from Serbia " of the Serbian cartoonist Aleksandar Zograf.As the NATO bombs fell on his hometown,he used his diary comics and e-mail to reach out to the world and offer a glimpse at the effects of the attacks.

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  1. μαγκες επεστρεψα! θα ειμαι εδω μεχρι τριτη βραδυ..