Oh yes dudes!We did it!Switch the compressors on and let's fire!
First attempt for recording on a local studio.The song called "Orbiting satellite of Chocolope" and it was a cheap and live recording session.The result is remarkable and we all are excited,waiting for the next one.


What a mistake!
During our rehearsals those days,we forgot to call our manager "Miltos".H.π.S have to apologize and ask for his forgiveness.We missed his positive attitude and his bag of  fruits,juices and "surprises".Nothing seems the same without his appearance in the corner of the studio,lying in the carpet,spellbound by our melodies.There has been also a progress to our songs and new ideas have been added.


Operation:Cactus 4 Cactus begins!
Living on an island,join the army,difficulties to  play together so often....e.t.c.So what?
We manage to find a way out.
During the vacations,we played,organized the composition of many of the songs and now we are so close to figure out the direction of our creation.An aura of stoner/psychedelic/rap/alternative sounds characterizes our songs and we work hard for a good result at the end.
A playlist of 5 tracks and 3 songs-covers of our favorite bands (Kyuss,Slo Burn,Queens of the Stone Age) is already done and keep going step by step.


When an idea begins,nothing can stop the force of it.
Yeah,this is how the story goes...Beers,bikes,marathons and music addiction.
H.π.S are the members of different bands from the city of Athens (Gr) who came together and decided to explore the call of the wild and the mentality of those who succumb to it.A music place where one can quite possibly find one's self,but also discovering the dark possibility that we might find our own strange nature,working always as a team.
What about follow us in the groove side of our musical experience................