It's ok!!
Two days are left for our great first secret live show!We are so proud for this "do it yourself" project and can't wait for the moment to take action and dance with our friends!Everybody is informed about our party on Saturday night and our last rehearsal is tomorrow afternoon."Manager" will give us the magic potion for good luck and H.π.S will give him a hug!We have also print tiny parers with info about the band in order to share to our fans/friends,except from our love.Stay tuned!!


A home announcement!
Dear Manager a.k.a Miltron345 don't drink the beers!
Just BRING the beers to the party/concert............


Great news ladies & gents.Our first live gig is upon to take place.
In few days we'll give more information about.
For now,tuning E,A,D,G,B,E and (B*,)E,A,D,G,warming hands,voice AND feeling the musical wind that inspires every preparation.
Lets kick out the jams!!!