Yeah,thats what i like about you babe!You always on time.
Great day,nice jamming with friends,music,music,music................
Our last song was a cover of  Kyuss,Tangy Zizzle.First the basic bass lines and then came the explosion.Five guys on the stage made the dirty noise punk stuff:Xristodoulos,David,Akis with the loudspeaker,Johnny and Argiris,the vocalist from Merrie Melodies.



We are in the place,the time is about 19,30 a.m and boys start working.
Drums,amplifiers,tables,sofas,microphones,lamps,beers,laptops and time for the playlist!Johnny and David make fun and prepare the "menu"-playlist!Every song costs some euros!Manager Miltos watches the place and make us feel comfortable!If there is a trouble,he is the Man,he got the solution!


 14.00 a.m

Tonight is the great event!
It's a party/live.We will play together with Merrie Melodies,a rock band which performs covers of songs from other genres and time-periods.Oooh yes,Xristodoulos and David are two members of them.So proud!!! 
The artwork of the poster was made by Danai.This time the idea of H.π.S was to use a picture of  toys in order  to show the innocent of childhood,where only there you can find the truth and freedom from hypocrisy and disguise.You can see the positive way of life in their smile!